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    How do I add off-air channels that were not picked up during auto-programming of my Philips TV using an antenna connection?

    Published on 2017-03-02

    TV transmitters may be located in different directions and the type of antenna you use will determine whether you can receive all the channels in your area.

    There are three main types of antenna:

    Directional antennas will pick up the TV stations in the direction in which they are pointed during auto-programming.

    Omni-directional antennas will pick up signals from different directions without adjusting.

    Outside antennas are capable of receiving signals from a longer distance than small indoor ones.

    If you already have an antenna in place, you may wish to try adjusting its direction to maximize the strength and number of signals it receives.

    What if I don't have an antenna yet or want a better one?

    We suggest looking online at www.antennaweb.org.

    On that site you can put in your address and see the exact compass direction of each station and see what type of antenna is recommended for your location.

    In the example below, the RF Channel column shows the channel number the broadcaster is transmitting on. The Channel column is the channel number displayed on your TV if there is sufficient signal strength for the TV to receive the channel. Antenna Type column shows the recommended antenna type for your location.

    What if I have the ideal antenna setup and just need to add a weak channel manually?

    To add a channel that is not programmed in your TV, you must enter the RF Channel number. Adjust your antenna until a picture is displayed on your TV. Due to distance and other factors, you may need to upgrade your antenna to receive some channels. Digital channels require a stronger signal than analog channels to show a picture.

    The digital channel will display the virtual channel number programmed by the broadcaster, not the RF channel number you entered. Refer to the antennaweb.org list for your zip code.

    After the TV displays a picture, press the Menu button on your remote and select Setup and then Add Channels.

    Then press the OK button on your remote to add the channel to memory.

    What about channels missing from a cable connection?

    If all of the channels are not present after auto-programming when connected to cable, ask your cable provider to check your signal level or add a booster amplifier on your cable before re-running auto-programming. The TV will only receive un-encoded digital channels on the cable. The channel number(s) on which you receive the un-encoded channels will be different that the channel number(s) displayed if you have a cable box. In some cases, the digital channels you receive when connected directly to the cable are not advertised by the cable provider.

    Some other reasons you may be missing cable channels when connected directly to the cable:

    • Extended basic channels require a cable box.
    • Premium channels require a cable box.
    • Special packages such as ESPNHD require a cable box.
    • Splitting the cable signal to multiple sets will reduce the signal level causing channel dropouts.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 23PFL4509/F7 , 40PFL4709/F7 , 32PFL3509/F7 , 47PFL5708/F7 , 32PFL3508/F7 , 40PFL5708/F7 , 39PFL5708/F7 , 32PFL5708/F7 , 40PFL4708/F7 , 46PFL3708/F7 , 46PFL3608/F7 , 39PFL2708/F7 , 39PFL2608/F7 , 50PFL3708/F7 , 24PFL4508/F7 , 32PFL4508/F7 , 29PFL4508/F7 , 55PFL3907/F7 , 50PFL3707/F7 , 50PFL3807/F7 , 22PFL4507/F7 , 40PFL4707/F7 , 26PFL4507/F7 , 32PFL4507/F7 , 46PFL3706/F7 , 55PFL5706/F7 , 46PFL5706/F7 , 55PFL4706/F7 , 46PFL4706/F7 , 40PFL3706/F7 , 32PFL3506/F7 , 40PFL5706/F7 , 40PFL4706/F7 , 46PFL3505D/F7 , 40PFL5705DV/F7 , 55PFL7705DV/F7 , 55PFL5705DV/F7 , 46PFL7705DV/F7 , 46PFL5705DV/F7 , 40PFL7705DV/F7 , 32PFL4505D/F7 , 40PFL3505D/F7 , 55PFL7505D/F7 , 55PFL7705D/F7 , 46PFL7705D/F7 , 55PFL5705D/F7 , 46PFL5705D/F7 , 22PFL4505D/F7 , 40PFL5705D/F7 , 55PFL5505D/F7 , 19PFL4505D/F7 , 46PFL7505D/F7 , 40PFL7705D/F7 , 46PFL3705D/F7 , 40PFL3705D/F7 , 46PFL5505D/F7 , 40PFL5505D/F7 , 40PFL7505D/F7 , 22PFL3505D/F7 , 19PFL3505D/F7 , 52PFL7704D/F7 , 47PFL7704D/F7 , 42PFL7704D/F7 , 47PFL6704D/F7 , 42PFL6704D/F7 , 22PFL3504D/F7 , 19PFL3504D/F7 , 42PFL3704D/F7 , 32PFL3504D/F7 , 32PFL3514D/F7 , 32PFL6704D/F7 , 47PFL3704D/F7 , 52PFL5704D/F7 , 52PFL3704D/F7 , 47PFL5704D/F7 , 42PFL5704D/F7 , 47PFL3603D/F7 , 32PFL5403D/F7 , 52PFL7403D/F7 , 52PFL5603D/F7 , 52PFL3603D/F7 , 47PFL7403D/F7 , 47PFL5603D/F7 , 42PFL7403D/F7 , 42PFL5603D/F7 , 42PFL3603D/F7 , 19PFL3403D/F7 , 32PFL3403D/F7 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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