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    Streamium Network Music Player

    Free internet radio NP2500/37

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is FullSound feature?

    Most digital audio and video formats use some form of compression to convert the signal to a workable size. Most technologies for compressing audiovisual data (such as mp3) remove to some extend those parts of the signal that occupy the extreme upper and lower frequency ranges.

    Although the range of these frequencies makes the changes indiscernible to all but the most critical listeners, they may cause you to perceive the signal as being less dynamic.

    FullSound is the name of a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that faithfully restores sonic details to compressed music, dramatically enriching and enhancing the dynamics.

    • FullSound is a patented technology based on a post-processing algorithm. The term ´post-processing´ means that the signal is enhanced after it has been decoded.
    • The new FullSound technology allows you to experience truly immersive music without distortion. The result is a transparent and detailed sound that adds unprecedented impact and emotion to your music in the mp3 format.
    • FullSound is applicable to any format of streaming audio.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: NP2500/37 , NP2900/37 .

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