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    How to cut my own hair with Philips Hair Clipper?

    Updated on 20 July 2022
    Philips Hair Clippers are handy to be used yourself or by your partner to easily trim your hair. 

    Before use

    Before cutting your hair, make sure you have all the right equipment. You will need a Philips Hair or a multi purpose product with hair clipping attachments, a mirror, and a cape or towel to cover your neck and shoulders during trimming.

    Also, keep hair products and vacuum cleaner accessible for hair setting and cleaning up afterwards. 

    Wet hair is trickier to trim as they tend to stick to your skin and can be missed by the device. Therefore, we advise clipping your hair when they are completely dry.

    Comb your hair in the direction of your natural hair growth. 

    If you are cutting someone else's hair, make sure their head is at the same level as your chest. This ensures that all parts of the head are clearly visible and within easy reach.

    Note: Beard trimmers are designed to trim beard hairs only. We do not recommend using it on other body parts such as your head. This is because you will not get desired results, and it may also cause skin damage.

    Instructions to use

    1.    Attach the desired comb to the clipper handle. If the attachments are not placed correctly, the groomer may not work, or give desired results.

    2.    Set the desired length setting. You can do this by turning the length-setting wheel or attaching the correct click-on comb. Start trimming at a high length setting to familiarize yourself with the device and reduce the length setting gradually until you have reached the desired hair length.

    3.    Switch on the device.

    4.    Move the appliance gently and steadily, with light pressure against the direction of hair growth. Make sure that the flat part of the comb always stays in contact with your skin to obtain an even result.

    5.    Do not press the groomer too hard against your scalp or skin, you may accidentally change the settings and that can result in uneven trimming.

    Use the trimmer without the trimming comb to trim hair close to the skin (0.5 mm) or to contour the neckline and sideburns. Be careful when you trim without a comb because the cutting unit removes every hair it touches.

    6.    Hair can collect in the hair chamber and the comb, clean in between turns. Once done, switch off and clean the appliance. We advise to clean the device after each use.
    How to use Philips Hair Clipper

    Clipping children's hair

    Philips has special hair clippers designed for kids. When using these follow the same instructions as a clipper for an adult, but take care of some extra things.
    • For optimal safety, we advise you to always use the kids hair clipper with a comb. 
    • After cleaning the clipper, also apply a drop of oil on its cutting teeth. 
    How to use Philips Kids Hair clipper

    Video tutorial for a Buzz Cut

    Check out our video tutorial on how to do a buzz cut at home using your Philips Hair Clippers. 
    Play Pause

    Video tutorial for a Crew Cut

    Check out our video tutorial on how to do a crew cut at home using your Philips Hair Clippers. 
    Play Pause

    The information on this page applies to the following models: MG5700/49 , MG7791/40 , HC5100/40 , MG7770/49 , MG7790/40 , MG5760/40 , HC1091/70 , MG5750/49 , MG7750/49 , MG3750/60 , MG3760/60 , HC3422/40 , HC7452/41 , HC5442/40 , HC7452/40 , QC5560/40 , QC5580/40 , QC5570/40 , QC5130/40 , QC5530/40 , QC5340/40 , QC5339/15 , QC5350/80 , QC5345/40 , QC5345/15 , QC5510/65 , QC5550/40 , QC5550/15 , QC5530/15 , QC5330/15 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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