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    What are the benefits of wearing my Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband?

    Published on 2021-09-20
    The headband is developed to improve the quality of your deep sleep, increase energy, boost alertness and reduce daytime sleepiness. If you are wondering about the different benefits of wearing the headband to sleep, please read further.

    How does the headband improve my deep sleep?

    If you have used the headband for multiple nights and do not believe it is working and do not notice the benefits of the deep sleep boost, do not be alarmed. The headband is working; however, the result may vary dependent upon the person. It may take a few days to just get used to the headband to a few weeks to replace your sleep debt to achieve a good sleep quality.

    The headband improves your sleep by delivering tones to enhance your deep sleep. The deep sleep, also known as slow wave sleep, is the most restorative phase of your sleep. During this cycle, your body repairs muscles and tissues, stimulates growth and development, boosts immune function, and builds up energy for the next day. It can also help you fall asleep more relaxed and you will wake up less groggy during your light sleep. The headband only strengthens the deep sleep you naturally get with the tones. It doesn’t help you get into deep sleep quicker or increase the duration of your deep sleep.

    Can I shorten my sleep cycle when I wear my headband?

    The headband is not a replacement for your sleep. It is recommended that you sleep 8 hours per night as an adult. The headband improves your sleep by delivering tones during your deep sleep stage so that you will be refreshed and more energized during the day. The shorter sleep you have, the less deep sleep you will get.

    Do I get any benefit if I do not have deep sleep?

    The headband is designed so that the tones are delivered when you are in deep sleep. If you never enter deep sleep stage or if your deep sleep stage is too short or fragmented, the tones are not delivered to prevent waking you up from your sleep. While you don’t get any boost, you may still learn about your sleep habits with the sleep data and see ways to improve your sleep in general.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1600/02 , HH1600/03 , HH1600/00 .

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