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Orthodontic Pacifiers

Designed for natural oral development

Expert Advice

How do pacifiers affect breastfeeding and bottle feeding? I don’t want to confuse my baby.


The reality is, your baby has a natural suckling instinct and you can’t always be available. Pacifiers are designed to satisfy that instinct and comfort your little one. As long as breastfeeding is well established, there should be no nipple confusion when you introduce a pacifier. I suggest a one-piece design like the Philips Avent Soothie. It’s made of medical grade silicone, and it’s used by medical professionals to calm newborns in hospitals across the country.


Dr. Tanya Altmann, acclaimed pediatrician, best-selling author and parenting expert

Pacifier Do’s and Don’ts

Brush up on pacifier do’s and don’ts to soothe both your baby and your mind.

  • DO choose a pacifier that is age-appropriate for your baby (e.g. 0-6m, 6-18m). Pacifiers are designed for different stages of oral development.
  • DO replace a pacifier after four weeks of use or if it has any cracks or tears as all pacifiers can wear down over time and with use. 
  • DO check your pacifier often for signs of damage or weakness by pulling in all directions.
  • DON’T add any food or liquid to the pacifier as this can cause tooth decay.  
  • DON’T decorate the shield of this pacifier as this introduces new parts that can present a choking hazard.  
  • DON’T allow baby to chew on the pacifier or use it as a teether as it can weaken the nipple.  
  • DON’T store a pacifier in direct sunlight or near heat and avoid storing it in disinfectant.

Which orthodontic pacifier is right for your baby?



  • Extra small and lightweight, ideal for newborns



  • Distributed in hospitals nationwide
  • One-piece, medical grade silicone
  • Flexible shield
  • Now available in a cute bear shape!



  • Available in many designs and colors




  • Extra airflow for baby’s delicate skin
*We recommend replacing pacifiers after 4 weeks of use for safety and hygiene reasons.

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Advice on soothing

Natural development

Babies suckle to calm themselves. For babies with a strong need to suck beyond feeding, a pacifier can help to relax your baby. All babies are unique and different and we offer a wide range of pacifier sizes, shapes and colors. Our soothing products give your little one the comfort and support they need to develop naturally every step of the way.