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    Norelco OneBlade Pro Face + Body

    Trim, edge, shave, For any length of hair QP6620/72


    How do I trim my beard with my Philips OneBlade?

    The Philips OneBlade can be used to shave, trim and edge up your beard. Follow the instructions below on how to trim your beard with your OneBlade. Before trimming your beard ensure that your skin is clean and dry.

    Trimming instructions for Philips OneBlade

    Your Philips OneBlade comes with different trimming combs, which allow you to trim your beard to different lengths.
    1. Place the comb onto the blade, with the teeth of the comb pointing upwards.
    2. Switch on your Oneblade and place it on your skin.
    3. Make sure the trimming comb is in full contact with your skin to obtain an even trimming result. Start trimming your hair in the direction of the teeth of the comb and move against the grain for the best results.
    4. Once you are done switch off the OneBlade and remove the comb by holding it from its edges and pulling it off. Clean your appliance after each use. Gently handle the blade and do not tap it against a surface, as this can damage it.
    Note: The quantity and types of trimming combs may vary per OneBlade model. For specific instructions always check your digital user manual or contact us.
    Trimming with OneBlade

    Trimming instructions for Philips OneBlade Pro

    The OneBlade Pro comes with a precision trimming comb, which allows you to trim your hair to different lengths.
    1. Attach the comb to the blade until you hear a click.
    2. Turn the hair length setting wheel to select your desired hair length setting. These settings are in millimeters.
    3. Switch your OneBlade Pro on and place it on your skin. Now start trimming your facial hair by moving the blade against the grain.
    4. Once you are done, switch your OneBlade Pro off. You can now remove the comb by first pulling its back part off the body and then sliding it off. Remember to clean the attachments and device after each use, and do not tap it against a hard surface while cleaning it. 
    Trimming with Philips OneBlade Pro

    The information on this page applies to the following models: QP6620/72 , QP2630/75 , QP6510/70 , QP2630/72 , QP2630/70 , QP2520/72 , QP2520/92 , QP6520/70 , QP2520/90 , QP2520/70 , QP2520/71 . more less

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