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    How do I use my ExpertClean with the Sonicare app?

    Sonicare App – Getting Started
    The Sonicare App pairs with your toothbrush to provide you with interactive features. By connecting your toothbrush to your Sonicare App account, you will be able to:

    - Easily review your weekly Progress Report for ways to improve your brushing routine
    - Receive personalized tips and recommendations for managing your oral health

    To start using the Sonicare App:
    - Download the Sonicare App to your phone 
    - Open the App and follow the guided steps
    - Pair your toothbrush with the App
    - Create your account
    - Personalize your App experience by answering questions about your brushing habits and interests
    - Brush regularly
    - Receive weekly updates to improve your oral care

    Note: Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled. Your toothbrush uses the Bluetooth connection to transfer your brushing data to the App. If you have questions about why your data is collected, be sure to review the Sonicare Privacy Statement, available throughout the App setup process.

    Sonicare App – Your oral healthcare dashboard
    Your Sonicare power toothbrush is equipped with smart sensors to provide you with feedback about your brushing habits, including: 
    - Daily brushing sessions
    - Time spent during each brushing session
    - Applied brushing pressure
    - Brush head replacement reminder (based on its actual usage and effectiveness)

    The Sonicare App collects the data provided by the smart sensors and tracks your brushing habits over time. Each of the interactive features available in the App are designed to help you understand your brushing habits and provide you with simple, dentist-approved recommendations for improving and maintaining your oral health. You will receive personalized brushing information in the Sonicare App.

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