5 low-maintenance, high-impact short beard styles for men

5 low-maintenance, high-impact short beard styles for men

Are you Jumping the barrier from clean-shaven to bearded? Want something low maintenance? Check out our guide to the best short beard styles to find the perfect fit.

5 of the best short beard styles for men who like to take it easy


Five different beard styles, five very different impacts. Let’s take a look

    1. The Original Short Beard


There’s some who might say you don’t mess with a classic – and this look is a classic. Sitting somewhere between the full beard and very short beard styles,, the Original Short Beard is neat enough that you can wear it to a 9-5 job (without your role being ‘Lumberjack’), but not so neat that anyone would know that you put any time into it. 

Upkeep: A quick trim every two to three days to maintain the shape.

Good for: One of the best short beard styles for those with square or oblong faces.

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    2. The Scruffy Beard


No regular maintenance, no need to waste time getting the perfect shape – the Scruffy Beard ranks highly among men’s short beard styles for its air of effortless cool. Edgy but approachable, the Scruffy Beard sends a clear message: Here is a guy with better things to do than groom his face fuzz. 

Upkeep: Trim for a couple of minutes any time you catch it creeping into ‘grizzled mountain man’ territory.

Good for: Surprisingly forgiving to most, and easy to get rid of if you’re not in that camp.

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    3. The Stiletto Beard


A little higher maintenance than the other men’s short beards here, the Stiletto Beard is essentially the Original Short Beard, but shaped to create a slight point below the chin. It’s a perspective-shifting move that can amp your jawline, so if you’re unafraid of standing out in a world of square-shaped beards, go for it. Keep the point subtle to avoid comparisons to the ‘Devil Beard’


Upkeep: Trim every other day to keep your Stiletto Beard on point.

Good for: Round faces – brings you from ‘boyish charm’ to ‘gentlemanly cool’.

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    4. The Stubble


Every clean-shaven man has had that moment when, after a day or so of not shaving, he looks in the mirror and thinks ‘this looks … better’. It’s true. It does look better. Bringing your jawline into focus, the Stubble says you spent the night out – and not alone, either. At just a few millimeters long and requiring minimal effort, can Stubble really be counted in a list of cool short beard styles? The debate rages on, but the Stubble wearer probably doesn’t care: he has more important things on his mind.


Upkeep: Whenever you feel like it. Grown out, the Stubble becomes its older brother, the Scruffy Beard.

Good for: Those who find themselves fighting the five o’clock shadow daily. Just embrace it. It’s meant to be.

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    5. The ‘Stached Stubble


Stubble’s hipper cousin, the ‘Stached Stubble” teams a dapper moustache with a day’s growth of stubble for a confident, easy-going look. Simple to maintain – just trim the moustache and shave back the stubble every couple of days – the charm of the ‘Stached Stubble’ lies in its ability to communicate an excellent sense of humor. 


Upkeep: A quick trim every two to three days.

Good for: If your stubble grows in pale, the moustache elevates it from ‘accidental’ to ‘impressive’.

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That’s it – five cool short beards to try your hand at. Want to see what they’d actually look like on your face?


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