New ways to fry

One woman's quest for healthier recipes.

Fried food is somewhat of a tradition in Saudi Arabia – as it is in many countries throughout the world - so popular it has become, that almost a quarter of students eschew a healthy diet and so are now classified as obese.

In addition, almost three quarters of over 40's in the country are overweight which puts enormous strain on the medical system. Dental assistant, Mai Matbouli, had to change her lifestyle because she was overweight and this was impacting on her health and ability to walk.

I decided to change my lifestyle to a healthy one because I became very overweight. I lost 40kgs by cutting out unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy foods."


Mai Matbouli

Dental Assistant, Saudi Arabia

So, as part of a unique experiment, Saudi medical professionals gave her a Philips Airfryer, along with other patients suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, to see if using the Philips Airfryer could help her lose weight. The Airfryer uses innovative Rapid Air Technology so that 80% less fat* is used to cook dishes like French fries and traditional fried snacks – but with remarkably similar results. Nutritious recipes, inspired by a clever and meaningful kitchen tool such as the Airfryer, can transform the health of both kitchen novices and those who think of themselves as culinary experts.


* Compared to frying fresh fries in a conventional Philips deep fat fryer


of Saudi children, aged 5-18, were overweight in 2010. The prevalence of obesity and severe obesity in all age groups was 9.3% and 2%, respectively, with boys having a significantly higher prevalence of obesity and severe obesity than girls.


Citation: Ann Saudi Med. 2010 May-June

An air-tight diet


Ruqaiya Husam El Othmani, Dietician and Diabetes educator in Saudi Arabia, encourages the use of the Philips Airfryer XL as a way to eat healthier. Click here to find more.

According to a study by the Saudi Sugar and Endocrinology Society, how many people die from obesity-related disease annually in Saudi Arabia?

20,000. The study stated that obesity and / or Type 2 diabetes affect a quarter of the population of Saudi Arabia. Citation: Saudi Sugar and Endocrinology Society

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