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    The golden rules of lean grilling: Healthy grill recipes and ideas

    Come spring or summer, we all love grilling outside with family and friends. Apart from its unique taste, grilling is often considered a ‘healthier’ alternative to other cooking methods, such as frying. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to get the most out of grilling. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how to grill vegetables, including some tasty marinades to ramp up the flavor and the best way to cook tender meat without too much fat.

    How healthy is grilled food?


    So, is grilled food healthy? Generally speaking, the answer is: yes. When done in the right way, grilling is a good cooking method to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. But it does require a certain set of rules to achieve optimum tasting, nutritional foods:


    • Choose lean meat over processed meats, such as sausages or burgers, as they often contain lots of fat, salt and additives.
    • Instead of buying pre-marinated meat, prepare a homemade, healthy marinade. You’ll find some tasty recipe ideas in the next section.
    • As an alternative to meat, try grilling a tasty fish or crunchy vegetables more often.
    • Avoid burning the meat. While experts are unsure about the effects of acrylamide in humans (a substance produced naturally in foods due to high-temperature cooking), they do recommend that we reduce the levels of acrylamide in foods.*

    By following these rules and considering alternative technologies, grilling can be a delicious way to cook healthy food.

    Grilled vegetable ideas 


    So, you’ve decided to have a meat-free evening – now all you need are some tasty recipes to show you how to grill vegetables the healthy way. Learning how to grill veggies is pretty straight forward: all you need are fresh vegetables and a hot, good quality grill. Pre-marinade the vegetable and you’re on your way to a wholesome, flavorsome meal!  


    Here are some of our favorite marinade recipes for different grilled vegetable ideas, such as zucchini, corn, eggplant, mushrooms or whatever else you have on hand.

    Chances are, these recipes have triggered your appetite for a bit of grilling and, now, there’s no stopping you! Try different types of foods while keeping things fresh, healthy and balanced. Both the Philips  Airfryer XXL and Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill come with recipe books filled with delicious dishes to try. 


    Airfryer XXL


    Premium Airfryer XXL


    Grilling healthy, low-fat food with an air fryer and indoor grill


    A good way to keep things healthy when grilling is to use an air fryer, such as the Philips Airfryer XXL. As with the Smoke-less Indoor Grill, the air fryer also extracts fat and allows for leaner cooking. Its fat removal technology combines a powerful heater and motor to forcefully swirl hot air throughout the entire cooking basket, depositing fat in the fat reducer for easy disposal. Thanks to its innovative technology, which requires hardly any oil, you can enjoy fries as light as air at your next barbecue.

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