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    Philips SmartSleep

    Take charge of your sleep


    We are all grappling with significant changes in the way we live our lives right now, but staying healthy now – and for years to come – depends in part on maintaining good, healthy habits. Sleep is one of the most crucial as it has a host of health benefits.

    The connection between sleep and immunity

    Good sleep keeps our bodies running smoothly, helping us take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. In fact, getting great sleep improves your alertness, enhances your mental functioning, boosts your mood, and keeps immune system running at top capacity. Missing even a few hours of sleep can diminish your quality of life.


    Read more to see how sleep impacts your immune system and overall health

    smartsleep analyzer

    How can you sleep better?

    Stop guessing at what’s stopping you from getting the shut eye you need. Take the Philips SmartSleep Analyzer and in as little as 10 minutes today, you could be sleeping better tomorrow.

    snoring relief band

    Put your snoring to rest


    If you snore, you might not even know it until your partner elbows you to stop. What if both of you could put positional snoring to rest, for good? The new Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band monitors when you’re on your back and gently prompts you to move to your side. When people used the Snoring Relief Band, 86% reported reduced snoring after four weeks of use.1

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    Reclaim your sleep


    If a good night’s sleep has become a thing of the past, it may be time for a reset. The Philips SmartSleep Better Sleep Program retrains you to fall asleep or sleep more soundly2, without medication or supplements. In 4-12 weeks, this personalized program helps you identify the underlying causes of your sleep issues and adopt healthier new habits.

    deep sleep headband sleeper

    Put your deep sleep to work


    It’s about the quality of sleep, not just the quantity. Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband is a clinically proven wearable solution to improve the quality of deep sleep.3 The Headband and mobile app are designed to help people who typically sleep less than 7 hours a night improve their sleep quality, boost alertness, and reduce sleepiness throughout the day.3

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    Wake up refreshed


    Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light is designed to help you wake up refreshed after a productive night’s sleep. It combines the benefits of a Wake-up Light with RelaxBreathe, a guided wind-down-to-sleep feature that helps calm your body and mind – and offers extensive app-enabled customization for personalizing your sleeping environment.

    osa section

    Treating sleep apnea


    As many as 80 percent of sleep apnea patients in the U.S. remain undiagnosed.4 The Dream Family of masks, PAP machines and accessories are designed to make treating sleep apnea easy and comfortable. Explore more about Sleep Apnea therapy and our suite of OSA products.

    Bringing sleep to you

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    Philips is teaming up with like-minded organizations to make sleep available for you. With organizations like Walgreens, WebMD and ASA we are connecting you with the knowledge and insight so you can take charge of your health and understand your sleep. Walgreens and Philips are working together to provide nationwide access to Philips SmartSleep suite of solutions and SmartSleep Analyzer, providing you with personalized insights and solutions available online. We’re also proud to collaborate with WebMD and ASA to increase access to information that helps you understand your sleep and how to get more of it.

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    The Global Pursuit of Better Sleep Health

    The Philips 2019 global sleep survey


    In recognition of World Sleep Day 2019, Philips once again executed its annual sleep survey to generate insights into how sleep impacts people’s lives and what they are (or are not) doing to improve their sleep around the world. We surveyed more than 12,000 adults across 12 countries to capture attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors around sleep.

    understanding sleep

    1 Results achieved after four weeks of use. N=99, 2019.
    2 Users who reported trouble sleeping prior to the program
    3 When used for 2 weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle
    4 American Academy of Sleep Medicine Frost and Sullivan report 2016
    * ER 2236335: Final Study Report, VISC-Q Trial Validation of an Online Sleep Characterization Questionnaire
    Snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep deprivation

    The Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band is for position-dependent back snorers where snoring ceases when sleeping on their side.

    SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband is for people who rarely get 6 hours of sleep or people who consistently sleep 5 to 7 hours or do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle.

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