Flat TV

66 cm (26"), LCD, HDTV monitor 26PF5320/28


How to use the Source List in Philips TV?

  1. Press the 'AV+' button on the remote control to show the SOURCE list menu.
  2. Press the cursor up/down to select the desired mode (such as TV, AV, SIDE/SVHS, CVI-1[SD/HD], CVI-2[SD/HD], HDMI, PC-VGA or PC-D) is highlighted.
  3. After you have highlighted the desired mode, press the cursor right to activate the selected mode.

The Source will allow you to use the TV in the TV, HD or PC modes. Depending on how the TV will be used, these modes may have their own onscreen menu controls to optimize capability when used with computers or high-definition receivers.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 26PF5320/28 , 32PF5320/28 .

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