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    Why is there a message on my Philips TV indicating that YouTube will stop working after June 30, 2017?

    Published on 2017-10-16

    If you are seeing a message indicating that YouTube will cease functioning on 6/30/2017, this is due to a decision taken by Google, the parent company of YouTube, to stop supporting FLASH based applications.

    We understand that this decision may be disappointing and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, Google and YouTube have made this decision and this decision was outside of our control. To continue to enjoy your favorite creators and videos and to further stream content from the YouTube app, however there are several options available.

    OPTION 1- Wireless Media Connect

    If your product supports Wireless Media Connect (see list), you can mirror the screen of a PC or Laptop to continue to enjoy YouTube on your TV!

    If your product is not listed below, please see options 2 and 3.

    Products supporting Wireless Media Connect: 26PFL4907/F7, 32PFL4908/F7, 32PFL4908/F8, 29PFL4908/F7, 32PFL4907/F7, 39PFL2608/F7, 39PFL2908/F7, 40PFL4907/F7, 40PFL4908/F7, 40PFL4908/F8, 42PFL5907/F7, 46PFL3608/F7, 46PFL3908/F7, 46PFL3908/F8, 46PFL5907/F7, 50PFL3807/F7, 50PFL5907/F7, 55PFL3907/F7, 55PFL3907/F8, 55PFL4706/F7, 55PFL5907/F7

    If your Laptop or PC Operating System is listed below, all you need to do is download and install the WIreless Media Connect software to begin mirroring your PC to the TV:

    Supported Operating Systems:
    Microsoft Windows XP 32 bits with SP2
    Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bits/64 bits)
    Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bits/64 bits)
    Microsoft Windows 8 (32 bits/64 bits)
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32 bits/64 bits)
    Microsoft Windows 10 (32 bits/64 bits),
    OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to OS X 10.10 Yosemite with Intel CPU

    To install this software you will need a key that we will provide you if you contact us via chat or phone.

    Our contact information is always up to date here:
    Philips Support

    OPTION 2: Connecting via HDMI or Adding a USB device to allow streaming

    If you have a laptop or tablet that outputs to HDMI, you can connect that device to your Philips television and continue to enjoy YouTube on your television screen by tuning to the HDMI input you connect to with your device.

    You can also look into adding a USB stick to allow streaming.

    Google has setup this website to provide information:
    YouTube Information

    OPTION 3: Upgrade your TV

    If you would prefer to upgrade your television to a newer model that is not affected by this Google decision we do have models that (depending on availability) we may be able offer you at a discount for being a loyal Philips customer. Please contact us via chat or phone.

    Our contact information is always up to date here:
    Philips Support

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 40PFL4908/F7 , 46PFL3608/F7 , 46PFL3908/F7 , 39PFL2908/F7 , 50PFL3908/F7 , 39PFL2608/F7 , 29PFL4908/F7 , 32PFL4908/F7 , 50PFL5907/F7 , 42PFL5907/F7 , 55PFL5907/F7 , 46PFL5907/F7 , 40PFL4907/F7 , 55PFL3907/F7 , 22PFL4907/F7 , 26PFL4907/F7 , 50PFL3807/F7 , 32PFL4907/F7 , 55PFL5706/F7 , 46PFL5706/F7 , 55PFL4706/F7 , 46PFL4706/F7 , 40PFL5706/F7 , 40PFL4706/F7 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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