Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up light

Simulated sunrise and sunset, RelaxBreathe to sleep, Multiple lights and sounds, Midnight light & AUX cable HF3650/60

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the icons of Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light mean?

Find out more about the icons on the display of Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light.

Overview of the icons on the display of the Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light

You can set up and navigate Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light with the help of the following 19 icons, see picture below.

Please, refer to the user manual for more detailed explaination of the icons.

Overview of icons of Philips Somneo

The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3650/60 , HF3651/60 , HF3671/60 .

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