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    22PFL3505D/F7  LCD TV
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same

    Why does no picture appear on my Philips TV when an accessory device is connected through the component video input cables?

    A component connection requires 5 cables, which are 3 video cables (Red, Blue, Green) and 2 audio cables (Red, White).

    First , ensure that the cables are connected according to the color code and that you are connecting to a component output and not a composite output (same connector but usually colored yellow). A common error is to connect the Composite Yellow output to the Green Component input which will result in a black and white image.

    Second, press the ' SOURCE ' button on the remote control repeatedly to select the AV input to which the accessory device is connected.

    Finally, If no picture appears on the screen while all the cables are connected correctly and the correct source is selected:

    • Ensure that the accessory device is set to output component video, as some accessory devices require the user to select the correct video type to which the device is connected. In order to do that, connect the accessory device in an alternative way first to get a picture on the TV.
    • For detailed information, please refer to the user manual of the accessory device.
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