Norelco Beardtrimmer 3000 Beard & stubble trimmer, Series 3000

DualCut blades, 10 adjustable length settings, 90 min cordless use/8h charge, Lift&Trim system BT3210/41


How to remove the attachments of Philips beard trimmer 3000

To remove and reinstall the attachments of your Philips beard trimmer series 3000 please follow the simple instructions below.

Removing the cutting unit

To separate the cutting attachment from the body of the trimmer simply push it from one side.


Reinstalling the cutting element

To reattach the cutting unit to the body of your beard trimmer, simply click it back on the device.

Please make sure, the cutter is completely dry before reinstalling it to the trimmer.


Removing the trimming guard

You can easily detach the comb or trimming attachment of your trimmer by pulling it off the body of the device.


Reattaching the trimming guard

To reattach the trimming guard, you can simply push it back into the device.

Please make sure the guard is completely dry before reinstalling it.


The information on this page applies to the following models: BT3210/41 .

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