The Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Discover how our unique baby monitors give you and your baby complete connection, so you always feel close.

Crystal Clear Sound

Hear every tiny giggle, gurgle and hic-up with perfect clarity with our DECT technology that prevents radio interference by automatically choosing an unused channel, ensuring you and your baby are always connected.

Humidity Detector

The ideal humidity level for your baby is 40-60%. Our humidity sensor lets you know if the humidity of your baby's room is too high or too low as it can affect their health.


Your baby can't regulate its body temperature as well as you can. Which is why the special electronic thermometer will immediately alert you if your baby's room becomes too hot or cold.

Two Way Speaker

Sometimes all your baby needs is the sound of your soothing voice. With just one press of the special talk button you'll be able to connect with your baby no matter where you are in the house.


There's nothing like a gentle lullaby to help calm a restless baby. From any room in the house you can select one of 5 relaxing tunes, helping your baby drift effortlessly to sleep in no time.


Your baby may still be restless when you first put them to bed. Help soothe and calm your baby with the warm, tranquil glow of the nightlight, which can be activated even if you're in a different room.

More Ways to Connect

As a mother you know there is nothing more important than the connection with your baby, this is something we really take to heart at Philips AVENT. Our digitally enhanced baby monitors offer you a fully secure means of communicating with your baby, so you can hear every yawn, giggle or laugh.

There are many ways for you to bond with your baby. Here are a few suggestions from our experts to help you feel a closeness that will last a lifetime.

Tip 1. Baby & You Time.

There can be lots of visitors in the first few weeks after having your baby. Don't be afraid to take a little time to yourselves and limit the number of visitors, or perhaps see people every other day.

Tip 2. Get a little closer.

Your baby can only focus a distance of 22cms in the first few months. Bringing your face in close to your baby's will help their eyes develop and they'll start to recognise your unique features.

Tip 3. Tenderness and touch.

It may sound obvious but babies really respond to touch, because their skin is so delicate and sensitive. Cuddles, kisses and gentle strokes of arms and legs will help your baby's emotional development and improve sensory awareness.

Tip 4. Babies love a massage.

Just like adults like a soothing back rub after a hard days work, your baby's limbs and growing muscles will welcome a gentle massage. Using baby oil and rubbing their skin is comforting and reassuring for you both and it will help to keep baby calm and content.

Tip 5. Practice Kangaroo Care with your baby.

Originally created to help premature babies develop in poor countries without the need of an incubator, this involves placing your baby on your chest in direct skin-to-skin contact. Studies show that the mother's body temperature and beating heart give babies a wonderful feeling of security and promotes bonding.

Tip 6. Have a conversation.

Babies love a running commentary on what's going on, not only does it make them feel involved but seeing you talk will help build their vocabulary. Don't worry about sounding silly and using funny voices. Your baby will be captivated.

Tip 7. The power of play.

You are your baby's favourite plaything. They love fingers and thumbs, whistles and woops! Turn day-to-day activities into fun and games, and play peek-a-boo while getting your baby dressed.

Tip 8. Read out loud.

Reading is a cool way to connect. Try large, hardboard books that have simple, bold illustrations, or perhaps read a few pages of your own book out loud! Cradling your baby will let them experience the closeness because they'll be able to feel the vibrations of your voice.

Tip 9. Do a little dance.

Babies love being jiggled about a bit, why not turn up the radio slightly and dance with your baby. They will enjoy listening to the music, and will love being held close as you sway and gently move about.

Tip 10. You Time.

You know that making the most of being a new mum requires a little bit of rest, make sure you set aside some time for yourself even if it just means getting a friend over to watch your baby while you do a little gardening. It's an important part of social development for your baby to enjoy time with new people.

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