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    Why is the virtual keyboard not working on my Philips Android television?

    If you find that the virtual keyboard icon is missing or that the virtual keyboard is not responding, it is likely because of a settings change that occurred after an update to the keyboard application from Google. It seems that the update removed the default keyboard settings within the app, rendering it unassigned and therefore non-functioning. 

    Here is how to reassign your keyboard and restore full functionality:

    1. Open the settings menu (the gear in the upper right corner), and select "Keyboard"
    2. Choose "Manage Keyboard" and switch on any of the available keyboards
    3. G keyboard (English) must also be switched on. YOU MAY HAVE TO SELECT ANOTHER KEYBOARD FIRST TO MAKE GBOARD SELECTABLE
    4. Go back to keyboard settings and choose "Select current keyboard"
    5. Select G keyboard (English) as current keyboard
    6. Go to the home screen and select search type to search > try pressing numbers > select the white bar to make keyboard show

    Your keyboard should now be fully functional again.


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