Fresh breath

Fresh breath
with staying power

The three steps to beat bad breath

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Click on your TongueCare+ brush


In just one click, turn your Sonicare toothbrush into a sonic-powered tongue cleaner: simply remove your brush head, replace it with the TongueCare+ tongue brush, and you're all set.

Eliminate odor-causing bacteria


Up to a whopping 85% of bad breath odor comes from bacteria at the back of your tongue. Use the BreathRx Antibacterial Tongue Spray to blast odor-causing bacteria. Your breath mints won't know where to look.

Gently clean away tongue debris


Once you've given bacteria an antibacterial blast, use the TongueCare+ tongue brush to give your tongue a gentle, deep clean. It's designed to remove bacteria from the grooves and ridges of your tongue, and clicks on just like a regular brush head.

Beat bad breath at the source

Tongue cleaning starter kit to beat bad breath

Tongue cleaning starter kit

Suggested retail price: $14.99
Suggested retail price: $14.99
beat bad breath

Transform your toothbrush in just one click

Give bad breath a one-two punch:


  • Spray; eliminate odor-causing bacteria
  • Clean; gently brush away tongue debris

Know what you're up against

Breath care kit to beat bad breath

Breath care kit

From* : $149.99
From* : $149.99
Tongue cleaning starter kit to beat bad breath

Comes with tongue cleaning starter kit

  • Use the portable analyser to measure breath quality
  • Learn how to get fresher breath with the connected app
  • Clean away bacteria with the tongue brush and spray
  • Feel confident because you know your breath is fresh
Meet out BreathRX to beat bad breath

Side kicks for your oral health routine

Want some other easy ways to improve bad breath? Meet our BreathRX range.
Tips for beating bad breath

Insider advice for beating bad breath

What causes bad breath? And can a simple routine really set you up for success? We've picked the brains of our experts to help you combat bad breath.

Our five-step routine for a healthy smile

Beat bad breath with Philips Sonicare Icon

Beat bad breath with Philips Sonicare

Get fresh breath with staying power in three simple steps. Transform your toothbrush into a bad breath tool with just one click, eliminate odor-causing bacteria with the BreathRx Antibacterial tongue spray and brush away debris with the Philips Sonicare tongue brush. Take that, bad breath.
* Suggested retail price
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