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    Where is the best place to get help using my Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-07-09
    All Philips Google TV's have a convenient Help application easily accessible from the home page. To access the Help application, simply press the home button on your remote control:



    Finding the Help Application

    The Help application will be found in the "Your apps" row of the home page:

    3G_help icon-2 screen shot.jpg

    Launching the Help Application

    Highlight the Help application by navigating to it using the up, down, left, and right  keys surrounding the OK button:



    Using the Help Application

    Then launch it by pressing the OK button. you will see that there are three rows of help, labeled "Google TV," "How to," and "Troubleshoot." Navigate around the application using the up, down, left, and right buttons that surround the "OK" button. Select a topic by pressing "OK."

    3G_How to app HOME screen shot.jpg


    Example of using the Help Application

    For example, if you are having difficulty getting a picture and/or sound from an external device such as a game system or Blu Ray player connected with HDMI, you can select "External Devices" in the "Troubleshoot" row for an overview of the connections and direct tuning to each input, or you can select "HDMI Settings" from the Google TV row to troubleshoot the actual settings for the HDMI input you are using.

    3G_HDMI screen shot.jpg

    What if my issue is not solved by or not contained in the Help Application?

    You can always call or chat with us. The easiest way to do that is using the QR codes in the Help App. These are found in the "Troubleshoot" row under "Contact & support." Here you can directly download the Instruction Manual (DFU) for your model, or scroll down to call/chat links:
    3G support page-1 screen shot.jpg
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