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    How do I use Stadia to play games on my Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-06-24
    You can play games on your Philips Google TV using Google Stadia.

    To get started, you need to create a Stadia account and install the Stadia app on Google TV. For detailed information regarding the Stadia platform, visit https://stadia.google.com For instructions on installing Stadia, or any other application, please see the FAQ entitled “How do I add applications to my Philips Google TV?”

    1. Stadia works on compatible Google TV and Android TV devices. For the best experience, use an officially supported Stadia-compatible gamepad and screen. Your experience may vary when you play with unsupported devices.
    2. Stadia is only available in certain countries. Learn more about Stadia availability in your country.

    How do I connect a controller to my Philips Google TV?

    To play Stadia on your TV, connect either the official Stadia controller or a compatible Bluetooth controller.

    NOTE: You can only use the Stadia controller to navigate within the Stadia app. To navigate other sections of your TV interface, use a Bluetooth controller or the remote that came with your device.

    How do I connect a Stadia controller?
    1. Set up your Stadia Controller on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google TV or Android TV.
    Connect your Stadia Controller to Wi-Fi
    The Stadia app uses Location access, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® to find and set up your controller. If any of these are turned off when you begin setup, you'll be asked to turn them on during the setup process.
    1. To turn on your Stadia Controller, press and hold the Stadia button Stadia button for 2 seconds until it vibrates.
    2. On your mobile device, open the Stadia app Stadia icon.
    3. In the top right, tap the controller icon Controller.
    4. Select your controller from the list.
    5. When your controller starts vibrating, tap Yes and then Continue.
    6. Tap Connect to [network name], where [network name] is the Wi-Fi network your mobile device is connected to.
      1. To connect your Stadia Controller to a different network, tap Choose a different network.
    7. Enter your Wi-Fi password, then tap Connect to Wi-Fi and then Done.
    8. Your controller will download and install an update. You don't need to wait for the update to finish before continuing.
    9. Tap OK.​​
    1. Download the Stadia app on Google TV, then use your TV remote or a connected Bluetooth controller to launch it.
    2. On the Stadia home screen, select your avatar at the top right.
    3. Select the controller icon Controller.
    4. On your Stadia Controller, press and hold the Stadia button Stadia button until the controller vibrates twice and the button blinks white.
    5. Use the Stadia Controller's d-pad and face buttons (A buttonB buttonX button, and Y button) to enter the linking code displayed on the TV screen.
    Note: If you connect a Bluetooth controller to Google TV or Android TV, you can use it to play games on Stadia without a linking code.

    How do I troubleshoot Stadia on my Philips Google TV?

    If you experience slow game responses or degraded visual quality in your Stadia game streams, you may have a weak internet connection, a network issue, or a problem with one of your devices. These issues might result in problems with Stadia Pro features like 4K, HDR, or 5.1 surround sound. Before you troubleshoot, test your internet connection to make sure your connection speed is 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or greater. Even if you're signed up for an internet plan of 10 Mbps or greater, we recommend that you test your connection on the device you'll use in the location where you want to play.

    Follow these steps if you experience issues with game response or visual quality when you play Stadia on your TV:
    1. Turn off any setting on your Google TV or Android TV device that upscales content to 4K or modifies the dynamic range.
      1. These settings are found under the “Advanced Settings” section of “Picture,” which is accessed through the “Display & Sound” menu under “Settings.”
        1. Navigate to the Google Account Icon on the upper right of the screen and select “Settings” from the menu that pops up.
        2. Then navigate to ‘Display & Sound” -> “Picture” -> “Advanced Settings”
    2. If you have a Bluetooth® controller, pair it to your Google TV or Android TV device to play games on Stadia. If you experience connectivity issues with your controller, follow these steps:
      1. Check that your Wi-Fi router is more than 2-3 feet from your Chromecast or Android TV device. If the router is too close to your device, it can cause issues with wireless signals.
      2. If your router supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, make sure your Chromecast or Android TV device is on the 5 GHz band.
      3. If you're more than 8-10 feet away from your TV and experience latency or dropout issues during gameplay, move closer to your TV.
      4. Remove any objects between your controller and your Chromecast or Android TV device. These objects may block the signal.
      5. If possible, connect your TV to the internet with an Ethernet cable.
    3. If you see Error message "Please check your connection"
      1. If you get this message before you start your game: While your game launched, Stadia tested your connection and determined that it wasn't strong enough to play a game.
      2. If you get this message because your game stopped: Your connection wasn't strong enough to continue playing. For the next 10 minutes, you'll be able to return to where you left off in the game if you improve your internet connection.
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