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    How do I add accounts to my Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-06-23
    If you have not added ANY Google account to your Philips Google TV, follow these instructions to add one:
    1. Press the home button on the remote control
    2. Using the thumbpad on the remote control, navigate to the Blue Icon with a Gear on it labeled “Dashboard” and then select it by pressing “OK”
    3. You will see a popup dashboard and should find that “Settings” is already highlighted. Select “Settings” by pressing “OK” on the remote
    4. “Set up Google TV” should be highlighted onscreen. Select it by again pressing “OK” on your remote
    5. You will see a screen allowing a choice of “Set up Google TV” or “Continue using basic TV” and “Set up Google TV” will be highlighted.
    6. Press the OK button to begin the setup of Google TV.
    7. At this stage you can setup the TV by either using the remote or by using the Google Home App on your phone.
      1. Using the App is easier, and it is the default option. To do so, open the Google Home app on your phone and select “Setup Google TV device”
        1. Then follow the instructions on your phone and on the TV to complete setup of both internet and Google Account.
        2. This method is faster because the Google Home App will copy over your wireless settings and your Google Account and you will not have to type the passwords, etc.
      2. To use the remote instead, you will need to navigate down and highlight “Setup on TV instead” You will note that the option cautions this method may take longer and will require typing with the TV remote. If you wish to do so, press OK on the remote after navigating to the Set up on TV instead option and caution.
        1. The TV will walk you through connecting to your network and adding a Google Account.
        2. If you had already setup internet, your already connected Network and Password will be entered for you so you will not have to type those in again

    What if I have already added a Google Account and want to add more?

    If you have added a Google account to your Philips Google TV, but want to add additional accounts or create a kid account, follow these instructions:
    1. Press the home button on the remote control (has an outline of a house).
    2. Using the thumbpad on the remote control, navigate to the far right of the top row, where you should see the profile picture for the Google account you already added.
    3. You will see a popup dashboard and should find that “Add account” is already highlighted. Select “Add account” by pressing the “OK” button on your remote.
    4. A screen will appear giving you the choice of managing accounts or creating a kid account.
    5. Navigate to “Manage accounts” using the thumb pad and then select it by pressing “OK” on the remote control.
    6. From here you will see the options to add either a new Google account or a kid account.
      1. A kid account is a way to limit what content an unsupervised child will have access to on the TV. You can leave the TV on the kid account and lock out any movie accounts you do not want your children to see.
        1. To set up a kid account navigate to the option labeled “Add a kid” and select it using the “OK” button on the remote.
        2. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the account.
        3. You will have to agree to privacy settings and indicate the age of the child.  
        4. Next you will be shown all the applications that are age appropriate as well as all the apps on the TV.
          1. Select only those you want your child to have access to.
        5. On the next screen you will have options to
          1. Schedule screen time (both as a daily limit in total viewing time and to set a bedtime beyond which they cannot watch)
          2. Turn on profile lock (which will require your Google Password to switch from the kids account to the full account
          3. Pick content rating limits for the account.
          4. Setup YouTube Kids (if you selected this app in the previous step)
      2. A second Google Account will allow you and another Google Account holder to use the TV without having your viewing habits affect each other.
        1. Your preferences and viewing history will remain yours alone
        2. Your paused or unwatched shows will remain in the state you left them
        3. To setup additional Google Accounts follow the above instructions but select "Add Another Account" instead of "Add a kid"
        4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the additional Google Account using the TV Remote control.
          1. you will need to enter your Google Account and password.
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