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    How do I use Google Assistant on my Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-06-24
    You can do more and do it with less effort with Google Assistant on Google TV

    You can simply speak your requests to your Google TV with Google Assistant and have your TV complete tasks for you. Google Assistant comes installed on your Google TV device. You can turn it on when you first set up your device, or you can turn it on later.

    On Google TV devices, Google Assistant is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

    NOTE: In order to use the Google Assistant, your television must be setup in Google TV mode and you must have the remote paired using Bluetooth.

    How do I turn on the Google Assistant if I did not do so during setup?

    If you setup your television to only support Basic Television, refer to the FAQ entitled “What is basic TV Mode on my Philips Google TV?” for instructions on how to switch the TV to Google TV mode.


    If you setup your television using Google TV mode, but did not pair your remote control using Bluetooth, refer to the FAQ entitled “How do I troubleshoot the remote control for my Philips Google TV” and follow the section entitled “What to do if my Philips Google TV is not responding to voice commands.”

    What can I do with Google Assistant on my Philips Google TV?

    You can press and hold the Google Assistant button and talk to Google Assistant.

    Simply press and hold the    Assistant   Google Assistant button on your remote as you ask a question or say a command to watch movies, open apps, set timer, check weather and more – using just your voice. To help Google Assistant understand your request, speak into the microphone on your remote.

    What can I ask Google Assistant?

    Tip: For more ideas, ask Google Assistant, "What can you do?"

    Watch videos

    1. Movies and TV shows: "Play The Mandalorian on Disney+."
    2. Video clips: "Play cat videos on YouTube."
    3. Apps: "Open YouTube."
    4. Search: "Search for sitcoms." "Find sci-fi movies."
    5. Info: "Tell me about Game of Thrones."

    Control media

    1. Playback: "Pause." "Stop." "Resume."
    2. Volume: "Louder." "Softer."
    Control your smart home (If your smart home devices work with Google Home, e.g. Nest Thermostats).
    1. You can control over 50,000 smart home devices including TVs, lights, appliances, plugs, thermostats, and more when you add them to the Google Home app. To get started, you'll first need to set up your device in the Google Home app. After they're set up, check that they've been synced.
    2. Lights: "Dim the living room lights."
    3. Thermostats: "Set the heat to 70." "Lower the temperature 2 degrees."

    Plan your day
    1. Alarms: "Set an alarm for 7 AM."
    2. Reservations: "Make a reservation for 2 at [restaurant] on Friday."

    Ask Google
    1. Game updates: "Who won the Warriors game?"
    2. Calculations: "What’s 20% of 80?"
    3. Dictionary: "What does "gregarious" mean?"
    4. Translations: "How do I say "Nice to meet you" in French?"
    5. Finance: "How’s the S&P 500 doing?"
    6. Unit conversions: "How many kilometers in a mile?"
    7. Search: "Search for summer vacation ideas."
    8. Image search: "Find pictures of kittens."
    9. Web answer: "How do you remove wine stains from a rug?"

    Have fun
    1. Get to know your Assistant: "Do you dream?" "What's your favorite color?"
    2. Games: "Let’s play a game." "Give me a trivia question."
    3. Entertainment: "Tell me a joke." "Tell me something interesting."
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