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    What is on the home screen on a Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-07-09
    What you find on the Google TV home screen depends on where you live and the language you choose for your device.
    • If you use a Google TV device in a country other than the one where you purchased it, your experience may vary.
    • In some regions or territories, your experience may vary.
    We will describe the Google TV Home page for the most common customers, those who select English, Spanish, or French as the TV Language and who use this TV in the United States or Canada.

    The Home Page will contain the following sections or tabs:
    1. Search
    2. For you
    3. Live (ONLY if you have a subscription to certain live TV services)
    4. Movies
    5. Shows
    6. Apps
    7. Library
    8. An icon for the Google Account the TV is signed into.
    By navigating up to the top and then selecting one of the Tab headings, the information on the page will change


    Selecting the Search heading will allow you to quickly and easily search for movies, shows, apps, and more using your remote control to type OR by using the Google Assistant and speaking your request. The top row on the screen will offer suggested searches for you to try and the bottom row will suggest specific content searches for something to watch. 


    To use the Google Assistant simply hold the Assistant button down and speak your request. The assistant button is located below the thumb pad and it has multi-colored circles on it.

    To type in your request, simply press "OK" on the remote to reveal the on screen keyboard. In this example, we have searched "action films:"
    6G_search marketinghub.jpg

    For you

    The For you tab will contain shows and content that are recommended for you base on your applications and your viewing habits. The accuracy and completeness of these recommendations will vary depending on how many shows you have rated and how many of your applications you allow Google to collect data from. You opted specific applications in or out of Google monitoring them in the initial setup. To change these settings, see the DFU for instructions on how to add or delete applications to the searchable apps section of Google Assistant.

    6G_Home UI marketinghub.jpg


    If you have this section visible it will show you an electronic program guide of your channels. Your guide may vary depending on the source of your channels and may include shows that are streaming live on apps like YouTube TV.

    6G_Live_only US marketinghub.jpg


    This section filters down to just Movies that are available on the applications you have installed AND it highlights movies that are available on other services you do not have installed. This section is designed to give you a fast way to find a movie to watch.

    6G_movie screen shot.jpg


    This section filters down to just shows that are available on the applications you have installed AND it highlights shows that are available on other services you do not have installed. This section is designed to give you a fast way to find a show to watch.

    6G_Shows_only US use marketinghub.jpg


    In this Tab you can manage all of your applications. This is where you will search for and install additional applications that were not pre-installed on your Philips Google Television. We have a separate FAQ that shows how to install and manage applications. 

    6G_apps screen shot.jpg


    This section will contain any shows or movies that are in your library from apps that Google can manage, such as the DVR from YouTube TV. In the image below you see the DVR contents from new account that has not purchased any content yet.  

    6G_library screen shot.jpg

    The Google Account ICON

    Highlighting the Google Account icon will reveal a dashboard that includes menu options for settings, inputs and picture settings, as well as a notification center with any messages Google wishes you to see (for example suggestions like setting up a kids account or notice of a software update). 

    6G_dashboard screen shot.jpg
    Selecting the Settings option will allow you to see all of the various settings for the Television.
    Selecting the Inputs option will display all of the inputs available and allow you to switch to the one you select.
    Selecting the Picture option will popup the picture settings, including Brightness, Color, Contrast, etc.

    For detailed descriptions of the settings available in these sections, please consult the Directions for Use for your television. 
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