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    How do I adjust the sound settings on my Philips Google TV?

    Published on 2022-06-24
    Adjusting your sound settings may seem counterintuitive, until you realize that each input has its own settings. Thus, the trick to optimizing your sound quality is to make certain you are tuned to the input you wish to adjust before starting to adjust any settings.

    For example, to optimize your sound settings for a Blu-ray player hooked up to HDMI 1, you would use the input button on your remote to select HDMI 1, and then start adjusting the sound settings. To adjust settings for an antenna or direct cable setting, you would tune to Live TV, and for adjusting settings for an application (e.g. Netflix, YouTube, etc.) you would start the application and play a video.

    Once you have the input you wish to adjust the sound settings for displayed on screen, you can access the settings by pressing the “OPTIONS” button on your remote. In the popup menu that appears, navigate to the “Display & Sound” section and select it by pressing “OK.” From here, navigate to “Sound” and press “OK” to see all the sound settings. All that is left is navigating down to the setting you wish to adjust and selecting it to adjust it while listening to the content playing on screen. By being on the input in question with content playing, you can tweak your settings using actual content until the sound is optimal to your ear. 

    If you have picture but no sound or intermittent sound on a device connected via HDMI, please refer to our other FAQ "How do I troubleshoot issues with devices connected via HDMI on my Philips Google TV?"
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